BOBRUS Maszyny Poligraficzne was established in 1997 by Mr. Bogdan Bobrus. He gained his experience in machine service and graphic arts technology from the middle 80s, working as a Perfecta technician and later as the chief of service for the Polish market. 

Our vast contacts allow for sales and service not only domestically, but worldwide.


In 2005 our team has been strengthened when we were joined by Mr. Bobrus’ son – Jakub Bobrus, which allowed us to expand our sales outside Europe even more. Due to that our second export division was started, named BGT Services Sp. z o.o.

Main profile of our company is:

  • Sales and technology advisory for all bindery and packaging machines
  • Technical service and transportation of all bindery and packaging machines – using our own equipment and professional team
  • Sales of printing and all other machines
  • Machine evaluation
  • We offer our machines in condition: “as is” or “complete and checked”

To keep up with our moving world you can find us on all major social media – just visit our contact details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries!